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Health Confianza is a San Antonio-based health equity initiative providing health literacy education, workforce training and connections to resources.

Two years ago, Health Confianza and its community partners set out to do a big job, including helping people understand the importance of preventive care, showing organizations how to develop plain language materials, and supporting health care providers in building a more trusting relationship with patients.

We recognize it takes a village to raise our community’s health literacy and improve its health equity. To that end, Health Confianza has created partnerships with numerous health care providers, community organizations, city agencies, nonprofits, schools, churches and others. Our growing Health Confianza community is comprised of nurses, community health workers, Promotoras, physicians, educators, nonprofit leaders, social workers, community organizers and, most importantly, the people we serve.

Looking back, Health Confianza has led or took part in more than 456 events, programs, or efforts — including vaccine clinics, workforce trainings, Community Health Clubs, Pledge Program meetings, lectures and outreach events — serving thousands of people.

We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned. Please join us for this summit.

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