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Community Health Promotion

If you are an organization, working in and serving people living in San Antonio’s east, west and southside, Health Confianza would like to partner with you. All organizations are welcome to join this city-wide effort to help people living in San Antonio make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. We have various opportunities for collaboration, including:   

Confianza Scholars Grant Program

Are you looking for financial and technical support to design, implement and evaluate a COVID-19 prevention and health communications project? We are offering a limited number of seed grants up to $25,000, first come first serve, upon review and approval of application for community-campus partnerships serving clients in the 22 zip codes. We are seeking collaboration with community organizations interested in identifying the health literacy needs of their clients and partnering with UT Health to develop innovative projects addressing those needs.   

Organizational Health Literacy Pledge Program

Finally, community organizations are invited to apply to be part of our pilot Health Literacy Pledge Program. Accepted organizations will identify Health Literacy Champions who will join a six-month learning collaborative, with mentorship, to learn how to improve health literacy and cultural standards at an organizational level. The organization will be asked to undergo a baseline needs assessment and to develop at least two policies that address identified health literacy needs and CLAS standards. A stipend will be provided to the organization. A certificate upon completion will be issued to identify the organization as a Pledge Member and announced as part of a citywide media campaign.

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