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Community Health Promotion

If you are an organization, working in and serving people living in San Antonio’s east, west and southside, Health Confianza would like to partner with you. All organizations are welcome to join this city-wide effort to help people living in San Antonio make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. We have various opportunities for collaboration, including:   

The Pledge Program

Health Confianza is piloting an innovative Health Literacy Pledge Program for community-focused organizations that includes an 8-month learning collaborative aimed at removing cultural and linguistic barriers to health care.

Health Confianza selected 10 organizations to be part of our pilot Health Literacy Pledge Program. These organizations identified Health Literacy Champions to participate in the learning collaborative, with mentorship, to learn how to improve health literacy and cultural standards at an organizational level. The organizations are asked to undergo a baseline needs assessment and to develop at least two policies that address identified health literacy needs and CLAS standards. A certificate upon completion will be issued to identify the organization as a Pledge Member and announced as part of a citywide media campaign.

To learn about upcoming opportunities to join the Pledge Program, email confianza@uthscsa.edu.

Pledge Program Posters

The first cohort of the Pledge Program presented their work in a poster session. Click on the name of the organization to view the poster:

Alamo Community Group

Aranda T, Borrego-Gomez G, Bell T, Gomez P, Crawford L. Housing & Health.


Ramon G, Fears W, Salazar Balli V, Lozano C, Rivas D. Quality Care Every Time.

Community First Health Plans

Tran A, Powell J, Rios J, Briones N, Dimock V. Developing Health Literacy from Within.

Empower House SA

Negron A, Camargo D, White I, Hernandez K. Empowering Literacy: Breaking Barriers for our Community.

Living Positive San Antonio

Clower J, Alcocer A, Wientjes W, Salinas C, Hernandez M. Growing to the Future.


Baker N, Schwenk GL, Imami M, Brien R, Nussbaum N, Carter T. Integrating Health Literacy Standards within a Housing Service Agency.

SAVE Clinic

Ochoa L, Saldana L, Kincade M, Mejia K, Perez D, Negley C. Health Literacy in Vascular Clinic.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Bayles B, Golla V, Pantusa V, Morales M, Ortiz R. Cultivating a Culture of Health Literacy at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

UT Health San Antonio Primary Care Center

Perez M, Mathew R, Cancino R, Rios J, Butler A. Addressing Organizational Health Literacy to Improve Patient and Physician Experience.


Mora A, Reyes C, Orosco D, Alvarez M, Garza T. #TacoAboutHealthLiteracy.

Scholar Posters

Below are the posters of scholar grant recipients who participated in the Health Confianza SEED Grant Program. Click on the name of the project to view the poster.

Akande B, Watts B, Berggren R. Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in San Antonio’s Underserved Communities.

Ambriz A, An E, Sivachidambaram M, Thai M, Francois A, Leal D, Ginjupalli M, Veras de Jesus, I, Garza M, Garcini L. Preferences for Building Trust in Sources of Health Information in the Latinx Community.

Atwood E, Taylor O, Lopez L. Developing Youth Public Health Leadership to Address Health Inequities in Bexar County.

Endy L, Broussard S, Kennedy A, Torrington Eaton C, Smith M. Navigating High-Stakes Conversations for Allied Health Professionals.

Garcia D, Pierrend E, Gautam TR, Lapiz-Bluhm D. Health Literacy and COVID Vaccination Promotion Among South Texas Middle Schoolers.

Ginjupalli M, Ye F, Yan J, McCormack K, Kelly A, Barrus H, Odinga H, Mandlik N, Jiménez-Gutiérrez E. Investigating the Health and Wellness Demands of Migrant Populations Traveling Through San Antonio.

Kelly A, McCormack K, Yan J, Ye F, Wong A, Muppirala M, Soulard C, Qui A, Khan Y, Jiménez-Gutiérrez E, Mandlik N. Engaging Migrating Population Medical Needs Through Health Literacy Evaluation.

Ramos A, Navaid E, Gorry R, Advano D, Orta D, Anderson M, Essaji Z, Abdulla S, Davis M, Ruiz-Sanchez A, Emmanuel M, Garcia M, Estacio A, Winkler P, Hernandez L, Rodriguez J, Mughal A, Wood R, Johnson-Esparza Y, Vasquez L, Bayles B, Ali F, Shi Yun. Empowering Communities in San Antonio: Breaking Barriers to Health Information and Literacy.

Quach E, Moore A, Soto A, Morrow J, Jiménez-Gutiérrez E. Healing Wounds & Surviving COVID: Partnering for Health Literacy & Wound Care for Unsheltered Persons in San Antonio.

Thakur R, Cantu AG, Roland Q. Conversations at the Lake: Academic and Community Collaboration to Increase COVID 19 Health Literacy in an Underserved Community.

Trevino H, Velarde A, Bernal R, Seshadri S. A Caregiving Educational Intervention for Student Caregivers.

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