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Long Covid -Listening, Learning and Recovery

Since the first public recognition of the long-term effects of COVID-19 in 2020, our global health community has worked to understand the symptoms of long Covid and why the condition presents differently from person to person.

With this in mind, South Central AHEC (Area Health Education Center) and Health Confianza have created “Long Covid – Listening, Learning and Recovery,” a short video learning series coupled with an evolving set of resources developed with guidance from public health workers and providers. We hope these resources — which include videos, documents and links to articles and podcasts — are helpful to health professionals and community members throughout South Texas.

The Long Covid: Listening Learning and Recovery Video Series


As many as 23 million Americans are afflicted with long Covid. We created this series — Long Covid – Listening, Learning and Recovery — to explore the journey of people with long Covid and their caregivers as they seek support from the healthcare community for a difficult-to-understand illness with symptoms that vary from person to person.


In this video we meet Chris who is dealing with debilitating long Covid after hospitalization, where he was placed in an induced coma and re-learned to walk. His story underscores the essential role health providers play in addressing the mental and physical needs of a person affected by long Covid.


In this video, Eddie speaks about how receiving treatment for Covid may have exacerbated other health issues, including diabetes. Eddie’s story is a good reminder that long Covid may make existing chronic diseases like diabetes worse.


 In this video we meet Eva who is suffering from long-term psoriasis after a long Covid infection. In Eva’s story we learn about the constellation of symptoms that can follow long Covid, including the emotional toll it takes on an individual. Her story also highlights the importance of a support system in recovery.


In this video we meet Rosario who has dealt with various physical and mental health issues related to long Covid. After feeling dismissed by providers early on, she adopted an attitude of self-reliance. Her story reminds us of the importance of asking questions, persistence, and hope


In this video we meet Sandra. Her husband, Eddie, experienced complications from long Covid, including pneumonia and worsening diabetes. Sandra’s feelings of helplessness regarding her husband’s health are common among caregivers.


In this video we hear from Teresita whose wife had a life-threatening experience with long Covid. From Teresita, we learn the importance of validating the individual experiences of people with long Covid and their caregivers.

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