Health Confianza Introduces Long Covid Resource Page

Long Covid -Listening, Learning and Recovery

Four years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, an estimated 23 million Americans are living with long Covid, which is defined as the health issues that continue or emerge after the initial COVID infection, and that persist for four or more weeks after the initial infection.

While a more detailed picture of what is means to have long Covid is still emerging, health providers, Community Health Workers and caregivers are learning how to best care and support people with Long Covid. The good news is that the list of what we do know in regards to long Covid is growing every day.

With this in mind, South Central AHEC (Area Health Education Center) and Health Confianza have created the “Long Covid – Listening, Learning and Recovery,” a short video learning series coupled with an evolving set of resources developed with guidance from public health workers and providers.

Designed for health professionals, Community Health Workers and the community, our long Covid resources page offers free videos, documents and resources. Together, we can improve the way we listen, communicate, share best practices, and respond to long Covid.

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