Health Confianza teams up with KLRN’s (PBS) The Healthy Kids Project

In collaboration with KLRN Public Television’s Healthy Kids Project, Jason Rosenfeld, DrPH, MPH, of Health Confianza delivered a lesson on common illnesses and the importance of hand washing in keeping our children and families healthy.

Hand washing is a simple yet powerful tool in preventing common illnesses and saving lives.

“We can reduce the risk of diarrheal illnesses by about 40% by practicing regular hand washing,” Rosenfeld said. “For respiratory illnesses, the data is a little but inconsistent, but the range is from 6% to 40% of respiratory illnesses can be prevented from washing our hands. That is impressive. We don’t often think about the relationship between our hand hygiene and respiratory illnesses.”

This evergreen lesson, with suggested activities for children, is designed for early childhood educators and parents.

KLRN’s The Healthy Kids Project supports healthy lifestyles by influencing eating decisions and physical activities. The project engages all types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

View the video, titled “Spring into Healthy Habits,” here.


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